Pop metal band Memoremains released new fiery single “Back Off”


Memoremains from Seinäjoki, with their catchy pop metal, have a second album coming, which will be released later this year. After the singles “Sympathy” and “Not My Fault“, they now released “Back Off“, which skillfully combines nu-metal and disco/synth heavy.

The lyrics talk about the real thoughts of kind people. Vocalist Johanna Ahonen, who wrote the lyrics, explains that the kind and quiet often receive false accusations – and then the smoke starts to rise:

“People who are too kind are often said to be angry and bitter liars because they don’t bring out their own voice and get bitter when others don’t pay attention to their needs without asking. The story of the Back Off song turns the situation on its head by being a pleaser’s manifesto that, instead of secretly, tells angrily what a kind person would really like to say.

The fire was also filmed with a fire-filled music video by Riku Männistö, the production of which both interested and worried the people of Southern Ostrobothnia.

“Our mood with the fire sparked anxious interest among locals, and several curious pairs of eyes watched our garden party from a safe distance. At this point, it may be appropriate to thank Munaka’s youth club for the trust and loan of premises for our artistic activity, for from the point of view of an outsider, our hustle and bustle might have seemed like arson or other questionable activity. “

says singer Johanna Ahonen and adds:

“The blaze of the flames was also bravely defied by Riku Männistö, who was hired as a photographer and enthusiastically grabbed our idea. Don’t try this at home!”

Memoremains are:
Johanna Ahonen – vocals
Mikko Kujanpää – keyboards
Aleksi Mäkelä – guitars
Aapo Timonen – bass
Eemeli Timonen – drums


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