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On Saturday the 25th of May 2019, the 4th edition of Wildfest will take place in JC De Spiraal in Geraardsbergen.

The festival started of in 2016 and puts a focus on Glam Rock, Sleaze Rock, Hair Metal and Eighties Rock. It served as a very elaborate release party for WildHeart‘s debut album (and will be sort of a release party for their sophomore album this year’s edition), but has been going on for several years now!

The lineup features bands from all over Europe; from the UK, Germany, Belgium, Finland and Sweden.


Wildfest 2019 lineup



JC De Spiraal
Zakkaai 29
9500 Geraardsbergen.


You can find the latest info and deals on accomodation close to the festival, at

De Gavers is a domain located about 4km from the venue. It has a big camping, cabins, swimmingpool, sportsfacilities, and more.

The website is only in Dutch so here’s a short explanation.

Camping (without vehicle):

  • Check in from 14h00
  • Check out before 14h00
  • Price: 1 person: €10
  • 2 persons: €16
  • 3 persons: €24
  • Showers (€0,50) and toilets available


  • Check in from 14h00 (specifically ask for early check in)
  • Check out before 11h00
  • Price: €42 per cabin (suitable for 4 persons)
  • Beds, mattresses and kitchensets available
  • Sleepingbag and pillows to bring with you
  • Showers (€0,50) and toilets available

If you want to book, please send an e-mail to eb.ne1670640880redna1670640880alv-t1670640880soo@s1670640880revag1670640880
Website in Dutch:


Crazy Lixx

Crazy Lixx – Break Out

The New Roses

The New Roses – Thirsty

Shiraz Lane

Shiraz Lane – Harder To Breathe

Midnite City

Midnite City – Give Me Love


WildHeart – Lovehunter


Aerodyne – Comin’ For You


Snakebite – Two Desperate Hearts


Raider – Last Call (demo version)

See you there for a rockin’ time!

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