Promises Unsaid released ‘Mind Play’, telling us we’re not alone in our struggles


Promises Unsaid released a brand new single titled “Mind Play” on February 25th 2022. The single incorporates the band’s many influences to create a groovy track with poignant lyrics. It was recorded over at Pasquarella Recordings (Saving Vice, Currents, If I Were You). Touching on the subject of doubting yourself and your own mind, “Mind Play” is for those who need that uplifting message that they aren’t alone in their struggles.

If there is anything that Reynolds wants listeners to take away from the track it’s that

“You’re not alone, other people out there feel the same as you do, and if we can wake up every day and make it through the day with the same thoughts and same demons and still get through each day, then absolutely you can do the same.”

This single comes as a follow-up to the band’s debut LP Growing Pains which was released late last year.  The band was founded in 2016 by Reynolds and hails out of Binghamton, NY. They take influences from bands like Electric Callboy (formerly known as Eskimo Callboy), Falling In Reverse, etc., bands that aren’t afraid to explore different sounds within their music. The band aims to hit the heartstrings with their emotional lyrics while also offering groovy guitar riffs and catchy choruses.

As for what is to come next for the band stay tuned for a lot more music. They plan on releasing an album by the end of the year with single releases along the way. More show announcements are to come!

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