Siamese share new single ‘Home’ featuring Drew York


The award winning Danish post-hardcore band Siamese share their new single ‘Home’ along with a music video. For the song the band teamed up with Stray From The Path‘s Drew York on guest vocals.

Stray From The Path‘s Drew York about the collaboration:

“I loved working with Siamese, they gave me the opportunity to be creative for the 1st time since the pandemic hit. It felt great to get back into the studio again. Siamese trusted me and let me put my own twist on their art. That’s the kind of people that are worth collaborating with. The band is very strong, talented, and Mirza’s voice is so dope! This band has a bright future in heavy music, don’t sleep on Siamese.”

Listen to ‘Home’ feat. Drew York here:

Siamese‘ singer Mirza Radonjica about ‘Home‘:

“‘Home’ came to me as we were all on lockdown, and not allowed to go out. It’s that eternal mistress that will have your heart forever. For me that is Copenhagen. Also I am happy to have Drew on board on this banger. He just makes everything 100 percent more intense!”

Siamese drummer Joakim Stilling about shooting the video for ‘Home’:

“The idea for the location came after I was biking with my family and coming through this abandoned military base. Going in to the old gym I found this empty pool with all these cool plants. I thought they were real. Turns out they are all fake, and that this was the setting for the Netflix series ‘The Rain’. Still we shot three music videos in one day at the location.”

Mirza Radonjica – Vocals
Andreas Kruger – Guitar
Christian Lauritzen – Guitar, Violin
Marc Nommesen – Bass
Joakim Stilling – Drums

For more Siamese online:

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