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New Finnish blackened death metal outfit Anima Hereticae released their first single with a mesmerizing video, the title track of their upcoming EP ‘Ov Behest’!

Gig Reports

Swallow The Sun live

Even in springtime, any excuse is good for a doomy night out. The venue in Sint Niklaas saw some familiar faces tonight, topped off with one Finland’s greatest for what would become an excellent evening of sorrow and gloom.

On a hot summer’s day in June the doom had come to Sint Niklaas, where at the cozy venue De Casino a small festival was held with some small, but no less exquisite bands: Shades of Black: The Doom Chapters.

Album Reviews

Aeonian Sorrow brings us a cathartic, soul-crushing album where the boundaries of funeral doom are being pushed by the addition of splendid female vocals!

The already great doom outfit Clouds gathered some guest vocalists to raise the bar for this year’s doom metal releases, even in all the sadness and sorrow there’s always a silver lining to be found…