News Posts

Dutch atmospheric sludge/doom project Sfeerverzieker unleash a brutal new single with ‘Sentenced’, a track from the upcoming debut album ‘Death is the Desired Ending’!

Belgian atmospheric doom act Splendidula shares a brand new video for the track ‘Oculus’ while awaiting the chance to get back on stage!

Atmospheric doomsters Bleakheart release a mesmerizing video for the track “The Visitor”, a track from their latest album!

Belgian atmospheric doom metal outfit Splendidula signed to the renowned label Argonauta Records for their next album!

Album Reviews

“Tide Turns Eternal” takes you on a voyage to astral plains beyond space and time.

Swallow The Sun has forged a stairway towards undefined plains and yet with each release they seem to capture a refined art.

The already great doom outfit Clouds gathered some guest vocalists to raise the bar for this year’s doom metal releases, even in all the sadness and sorrow there’s always a silver lining to be found…