Album Reviews

The second full-length album “Oozing Radioactive Vomition” from England’s death metal act Cryptworm is a welcoming effort from the trio. The album is released on 15th December via Me Saco Un Ojo Records and Pulverised Records.

British death metal group Memoriam sets itself as one of the best death metal acts today and the fifth album “Rise To Power” delivers brutal war-like anthem riffs and triumphant choruses. This is definitely the band’s best album to date and comes highly recommended for fans of Benediction, Bolt Thrower and Paradise Lost. Released via Reaper Entertainment.

Vacuous’ first studio album ‘Dreams of Dysphoria’ explores the vast spectral side of atmospheric death metal. Out via Me Saco Un Ojo Records (Vinyl) and Dark Descent Records (CD) since October 14th.

Cryptworm on its full length album “Spewing Mephitic Putridity” managed to sum up the putrid styles of the Finnish masters Demilich, and the guttural nuances of Undergang.

On ‘Torn Arteries’ Carcass takes us on a tour de force cycle of their musical evolution from old school death metal grindcore to technical melodeath.

‘To the End’ is a powerful and consistent album. The whole performance sounds quite coherent. The song structure is seemingly collective with the constant elements of aggression and groove infused into the music.

On ‘Scriptures’ you should expect nothing but a groundbreaking performance and for this reason, Benediction’s latest record is inflated with that nostalgic old spirit.

This actually shows a different prospect of how Strigoi was formed, this is yet another vessel where Gregor Mackintosh exposes his creativity and talent.

Memoriam has delivered a powerful record and they are in the process to write their own legacy.