Photo Reports

Black and white photo of the band Seed performing. From left to right: a man playing Davul drum, a man playing whistles, a man playing guitar and a woman playing bouzouki

Upstart pagan folk organisers Idavoll hosted a second edition of their “Hobgoblin’s Hollow” event, filled with board games & pagan folk, this time provided by Seed & Eleni Neldë!

Swallow the Sun

The co-headline tour of Swallow the Sun and Draconian dropped by Het Entrepot in Bruges with warm-up act Shores of Null to deliver us a healthy dose of doom and gloom!

Kamelot singer

Photo coverage from Kamelot and Leaves’ Eyes’ final show on their 2018 European tour. Shot in the Entrepot in Bruges, Belgium.

Album Reviews

From the deepest dungeons of Bruges Gateway has crawled out with his first EP in two years, the aptly named ‘Flesh Reborn’

Gig Reports

Kamelot’s last stop with The Shadow Tour Europe was at Het Entrepot in Bruges, Belgium. Find out how that turned out and how exclusive the set from special guests Leaves’ Eyes actually was.