News Posts

In anticipation of this Friday’s release of the new album ‘Time Will Take Us All’ via Metal Blade Records, Entheos shared a new live video for the song ‘Darkest Day’!

Metal Blade Records announced the signing of Dååth, who returned from their 12 year hiatus with the brand new single ‘No Rest No End’!

Dutch progressive death metal legends Phlebotomized announce their new album ‘Clouds of Confusion’, set to be released on Hammerheart Records in May!

Prog death duo Entheos announce their new album ‘Time Will Take Us All’, out in March via Metal Blade Records! And released brand new single/video ‘I Am The Void’!

Australian prog death masters Be’lakor unleash another new track with ‘Foothold’, alongside a captivating visualizer video, from their upcoming ‘Coherence’ album!

Australian prog death masters of Be’lakor release a first single of the upcoming ‘Coherence’ album!

Progressive death metal veterans of Convulse share a second track from their upcoming album “Deathstar” with the world!

French progressive death metal geniuses Pitbulls in the Nursery embark on the ‘After The Storm’ European tour.

A new death metal album that’ll appeal to many fans of the genre!

Barren Earth is coming to you soon with another of their prog/death metal masterpieces! Get a taste of one of their more “unconventional” songs now!

Photo Reports

Amorphis came to show why they are one of Finland’s favorites and with them the folk metal legends Eluveitie ripped up the stage at Jäähalli in Helsinki, right after Dark Tranquillity and Nailed To Obscurity warmed up the crowd!


Finally, after all the delays, we got a double serving of the Gojira at 013 Poppodium in Tilburg, Netherlands. With both shows being sold out, they were quite the explosive nights, especially with added to that support acts Alien Weaponry and Employed to Serve!

A night of brutal death, dark black and mind-blowingly intricate metal music with Obscura, God Dethroned, Thulcandra and Fractal Universe!

Album Reviews

With such grotesque imagination, Ulthar’s songs on ‘Providence’ are spawned by the array of primitive raw black metal and brutal death metal.

Sweven presents their alchemist brand of progressive rock/death metal. And compliments the previous works of Morbus Chron and transcends further beyond the traditional style of death metal.

With Nero Di Marte’s Immoto, a swift blend of theatrical vocals, spoken word and grunts, dissonant filth and melodic pieces, post / progressive / avant-garde / dissonant / black / death / atmospheric metal in a clean and polished package is served.

Dead by Dawn Records keeps picking the cherries out of the death metal pie in the lowlands area. This time it are the young, hungry wolves of Moss upon the Skull who unleash their debut album ‘In Vengeful Reverence’ on vinyl and tape.