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Kiberspassk unleashes a first song upon the world with ‘Derevna’

Siberian Kiberspassk brings a new wind in the alternative music scene with their mix of industrial and Russian folklore tunes!

Nytt Land – Cvlt

Nytt Land adds another incredible release in the realm of shamanic and ritualistic folk music. This is simply pure magic!

Welicoruss “Siberian Heathen Horde Tour”

WELICORUSS' new album presentation in the form of the "Siberian Heathen Horde Tour". Symphonic Black Metal From The Coldest Depths of Siberia!

Welicoruss and FleXanT live at Asgaard

Welicoruss + FleXanT at Asgaard

Welicoruss and FleXanT live at Asgaard: a night filled with Melodic Death Metal and Symphonic Black Metal!


Welicoruss at Asgaard

►► BAND INFO WELICORUSS /symphonic black metal – Russia/siberia/ Founded in 2005 by Alexey Boganov, the band WELICORUSS...