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Get ready to get hunted and crushed by these German death metal juggernauts!

Album Reviews

Carnal Tomb’s third album “Embalmed In Decay” is a must for fans of Entombed, this is a rotten old school death metal record, out via Testimony Records.

Sentient Horror has mastered the sheer power of the Swedish style of death metal and the fact that they have left fans anticipating a return to action on the third album “Rites of Gore” is a powerful onslaught of aggression.

“Hades Unleashed” is a groovy and aggressive death/thrash metal record that will take you on a thrilling ride.

Morbid Realms is determined by the energy and the sheer performance of the U.S. death metal trio Sentient Horror, who has released a rip-roaring album for fans of extreme metal.

The sophomore is a good mix of the semi death/doom style. The standard work of the album is very good and suitable for fans who like their music served with rotten riffs, guttural growls and grinding drums.

The international duo Khnvm blasts us away with a solid death metal release!