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Iron Maiden’s tour kicked off and so does a new chapter in “Legacy of the Beast”!

Play the game that inspired the tour... that inspired the game! Iron Maiden conquers the world both on stage and on your mobile devices!

First names Ieperfest 2018: Converge, Conflict, Comeback Kid, Get The Shot and more

The very first names for this summer's edition of Ieperfest are out!

Jay Ray releases video for “137”

Jay Ray brings us a first single for "Self Resonance" through a music video, get ready to bang your heads!

Brutal Assault updates line-up with the local scene!

Someone is leaving the great line-up, but we're getting a whole bunch of local talents added besides hardcore legends as a replacement!

Brutal Assault’s last major line-up update!

This should be the last major line-up update for this year's Brutal Assault!