Tesla Model X can dance to Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

As a guest on Joe Rogan’s video podcast Joe Rogan Experience on YouTube (Channel: PowerfulJRE), Tesla and SpaceX-brainiac Elon Musk provides us an insight into how his mind works. Almost an hour of inspiring talk about The Boring Company, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality has passed when Musk remarks that his Tesla models have some mysterious hidden skills nobody knows about. Easter eggs are always cool, so what is the mysterious thing a Tesla can do that other cars can’t? A catapult seat, changing colors, a secret cabinet? Wrong! With a smirk on his face Musk explains:

“The Model X can do this ballet thing to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.”

The question that comes right up in our minds “why would you do that?”, is brilliantly swept out of the way by Musk“Seemed like fun.” Yes, sometimes it’s the shortest answer that makes our day. Their discussion about this cultural touch to the Teslas continues with Joe asking how, besides to all ongoing earth- and space projects, including sending rockets into space and powering Australia, he would find the time to do that. “There were some engineers at Tesla that said ‘what if we make this car dance and play music?’ And I was like ‘That sounds great, please do it. Let’s try to get it done in time for christmas!’, and we did.”, Mr. Musk replies with a small but sparkling smile.

“It’s an Easter egg”, Musk says. “That’s why people don’t know about it. […] We should probably do a video or something to explain it.” Hell yeah you should, Elon! Clear some space on the Tesla parking lot and have at it! The whole idea about car-ballet poses a question: with enough room provided, how many Teslas can join in to make it a real ballet featuring multiple dancing cars? Here’s three with music and a brilliant light show. Also, can we have Cannibal Corpse, too? Please!


Watch the podcast episode here: