Convocation streams their complete new album “Scars Across” in premiere right here!

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Mesmerizing and gloomy Doom-Death from the most ghastly recesses of Finland. Merging the composing talents of LL from Desolate Shrine with the multi layered vocals of NM from Dark Buddha Rising, Convocation will haunt you and abrade your guts with the most spectral yet punishing tones you could experience!

Formed 4 years ago in Helsinki, Finland, Convocation started as a death metal project that later developed more close to darker doomish soundscapes, an outlet for really heavy and slow music with the will to experiment including synths, organs etc.

Lyrically focused on hatred towards homo sapiens and apocalyptic scenarios, “Scars Across” was written in two different timespans and roughly a year between those sessions till everything clicked. The result is the 4 apocalyptic anthems you have the chance to hear right now before the official release on March 30thEverlasting Spew Records via :

1. Disposed
2. Ruins of Ourselves
3. Allied POWs
4. Scars Across

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Formats available:
– CD
– Digital
– Limited T-shirt/Longsleeve Bundles
– Vinyl (late 2018)

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