The Mighty One start fan contest: Win a song for your Valentine


We’ve been sharing the singles of the rock ‘n’ roll machine that is The Mighty One these past months. And while we await the upcoming album ‘Torch of Rock and Roll’ (out on March 26), Tim came up with a fun little contest for you to partake in! You can win a video session with Tim himself to practice and record his new song ‘Valentines Vaccine’! Go check out the Facebook post here to participate!

CONTEST! Perform with Tim for your Valentine. Desperate for a special Valentines Gift? Perform the dedicated song “Valentines Vaccine” with Tim in a personal video call of your choice. All you have to do is leave a comment under this post and say “I’M IN!” Tim will pick a winner by Wednesday Feb. 10 so fingers crossed. Now go and rehearse the song from this video.

Here are the lyrics:

Valentines Vaccine
Oh I, I’ve been waiting so long
Trying hard to be strong
Do what I need to do
And you, your always so far away
Even though I say it’s ok
I’m starting to lose my mind
Won’t you please just set me free

Well it hurts so bad
And I miss you so
And I just can’t take anymore
It’s been far to long
In this lockdown zone
And I just can’t take anymore
COVID just let go of me
All I want is a Valentine’s Vaccine

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