BRUNHILDE released brand new single and video for “Hell Or High Water”


BRUNHILDE continue on their straightforward path. And they are undeterred – come what may! Every other month the band releases a new and varied single, every other month BRUNHILDE makes you want more! The latest appetizer is called Hell Or High Water and it’s already the fifth advance single from the new BRUNHILDE album To Cut A Long Story Short, due for release on the 26th of February 2021.

Hell Or High Water was released – together with a matching video – three weeks before the album release, on the 5th of February. Singer Caro Loy reveals:

“The song is all about opposites and ultimately about the question, what do I want in my life?! To give up or to give everything! To be single or to wear a wedding ring! To be myself or to be someone else!”

The charismatic frontwoman gives herself and her fans the clear answer on Hell Or High Water:

“I’m going to go my way. I’m going to question things. I’m not going to go along with everything just because other people tell me to or it’s done by the mainstream.”

In other words: I will always stay true to myself: Hell Or High Water – Come what may!

Get Hell Or High Water now!


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