The Rumjacks new single “Bounding Main” is out now!

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“Bounding Main” is the third single from The Rumjacks forthcoming EP, out February 11.

“Bounding Main” is an explosive and infectious tune that perfectly utilizes all the best elements of the Celtic Punk genre. Galloping out of the gates with the strong banjo, mandolin, and accordion lead, the track pulses with energy that could wake a sleeping giant. The song writing utilizes modern techniques that bring dynamics with a minor key half way through the verse. Unapologetic in its rowdiness, heavy Australian accents belt the chorus with the confidence of a drunken karaoke singer on a Saturday night.

Invigorated by the release of their fourth album “Hestia”The Rumjacks quickly went back into the studio to record “Brass for Gold” EP, capitalising off their new sense of artistry. 

Johnny McKelvey from the band said: 

After the amazing response we had from Hestia’s release, we knew we had to back it up, do it justice and show we aren’t messing around with any of this”. “If you are passionate about what you do, you can’t sit on your hands and do nothing. We love this, it’s so much fun! Why wouldn’t we want to create more music together at any chance we could?”.

The resulting EP a clear representation of a band finding a new voice and making sure that voice is heard as loud as possible. Grounded by the eclectic Celtic punk sound that The Rumjacks have become synonymous with, “Brass For Gold” sees the band dig deeper into their ska and hard rock influences, all the while holding onto the defiant energy that ignites their sound.

Pre-order ‘Brass For Gold‘ EP here.

01 Bounding Main
02 Bloodsoaked in Chorus
03 One for the Road
04 Kicking Soles
05 On A Somber Saturday
06 Blinding Flashes
07 Falling Back


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