Three Times Royal are releasing first single.


Brand new band Three Times Royal is releasing their first single on October 7, 2022. This band name won’t sound familiar yet, but the lead singer definitely will. She goes by the name of Iris Goessens, the former singer of Spoil Engine.

Three Times Royal’s new single called ‘Do You Know What It’s Like‘ gives you melodic metal core accompanied by scream and clean vocals. The song throws a heavy breakdown at you together with it’s powerful message: You’re being absorbed by a monster. A monster that tells you to take all the drugs you possibly can, even though the body itself might not want to.

All members of the all female band based in Los Angeles, California, have their own back story that they are ready to share with the world. Inspired by the hard reset of 2021, Three Times Royal is ready to release the beast.

Three Times Royal is:
Iris Goessens – vocals
Mason Ivy – bass
Willa Rose Ashley – guitar

First live video: “Do you know what it’s like?”

Their debut single “Do you know what it’s like?” is now available on all streaming platforms.

The music video will premiere today (07/10/2022) at 18:00!

Check it out below!

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