UK alt-pop trio Exploring Birdsong shared new single & video ‘Bear The Weight’


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Acclaimed young alt-pop/prog trio Exploring Birdsong have released their new single/video ‘Bear The Weight’, the second single off their new EP ‘Dancing in the Face of Danger’, due out March 24 via Long Branch Records.

Stream the single and pre-order the new EP here:

The band comment: 

“Bear the Weight has gone through a few different structure changes since we first formed the skeleton for the song back in 2019, but contains one of our collective favourite choruses. Lyrically it is one of the conceptual on the record; it is written from the perspective of one of thousands of workers, working on a building / structure of massive scale against their will. They are merely a number, and the only thing to relieve them of their duties is death – however they know they will only be replaced by someone else, so to prevent someone going through what they have experienced, they continue. ‘We bear the weight, to defend the man who would fall in your place’.”

A beautifully curious blend of pop-sensibility, delicacy, experimentation and heaviness. British piano led, guitar-less trio Exploring Birdsong are paving their own musical path with their new record Dancing in the Face of Danger.

Their acclaimed 2019 debut EP The Thing With Feathers – a concept release centred on the Seamus Heaney poem ‘Bye Child’ and the story of Kevin Halfpenny, one of the most bizarre cases of child cruelty ever recorded – caught the eyes of key players in the UK press (Prog magazine, Kerrang! Magazine, Classic Rock Magazine) and achieved two Progressive Music Awards nominations in the same year.

Dancing in the Face of Danger, recorded and mixed at Northstone Studios, Bridgend, builds on the musical foundations of The Thing With Feathers. The five track EP has an evolutionary growth; synthesizers and a live string section add texture and gravity to the piano led core, and whilst the record isn’t conventionally conceptual, lyrically, the band describe each track as ‘having its own tale to tell’.


CD-EP – Dancing In The Face Of Danger

1 Pyre
2 The Way Down
3 Bear The Weight
4 Ever The Optimist
5 No Longer We Lie

LP – Dancing In The Face Of Danger / The Thing With Feathers

Side A – Dancing In The Face Of Danger
1 Pyre
2 The Way Down
3 Bear The Weight
4 Ever The Optimist
5 No Longer We Lie

Side B – The Thing With Feathers
6 Hope
7 The River
8 The Sinking Question
9 The Thing With Feathers
10 The Baptism 
11 The Downpour

The young group most recently made their European debut at Euroblast festival (Cologne, DE) – their first live performance since their five city inaugural headline tour across the UK in September 2021, including London, Manchester and Birmingham, and following successful support tours with the likes of Sleep Token and Thank You Scientist. Whilst the band refuse to be pigeon-holed to one genre, they evoke moments of Agent FrescoKate BushEverything EverythingSleep Token and Karnivool.

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