Ukranian trio Stoned Jesus released lyric video for ‘Get What You Deserve’

Ukrainian trio STONED JESUS is treating the world with the atmospheric blues of ‘Get What You Deserve’. The new offering, in the form of a lyric video, is taken from the upcoming album “Father Light” which will be released on March 3 via Season of Mist. Check out the new single HERE

Lead vocalist and guitarist Igor comments on the track:

“We previewed “Get What You Deserve” live on our autumn dates in 2022 and all the people absolutely loved it, even without hearing the studio version first! I love how the first and the last parts are almost the same riff, but then you also have this weird atmospheric breakdown in the middle. The lyrics were written with an environmental message in mind, but I guess they could be taken differently now…Either way, please enjoy this track and expect it to be the main set closer during our Father Light tour!”

Get what you Deserve’ follows previous singles ‘Thoughts And Prayers, ‘Porcelain‘ and ‘CON‘.

Pre-save the album here:
Pre-order “Father Light” here

STONED JESUS is also well known for their song ‘I am the mountain‘ which managed to reach a whopping 15 million views on Youtube HERE.

FFO: Elder, Porcupine Tree, Mastodon.

The artwork for “Father Light” was created by Anton Pcholkin and can be found below, together with the track-list.

Tracklist “Father Light”
1. Father Light 03:35
2. Season of the Witch 11:34
3. Thought and Prayers 06:22 WATCH HERE
4. Porcelain 08:09 WATCH HERE
6. Get What You Deserve 09:08 WATCH HERE
Total: 43:00

Ukrainian prog-stoner trio STONED JESUS held their first rehearsal since the Russian invasion in the middle of July 2022. It was a moment the band dubbed as “surreal” and justifiably so — the regular ritual of band practice was made impossible by the war. The members of STONED JESUS — Igor Sydorenko (vocals/guitar), Sergii Sliusar (bass) and Dmytro Zinchenko (drums) — captured the moment for their social media channels. A broad smile of defiance and satisfaction can be seen on their faces. Regardless of the senseless havoc and destruction reaped upon their homeland, STONED JESUS would play on. It was the resumption of a music career temporarily thwarted but not defeated by evil.

The idea that music is the ultimate escape has never rung truer in light of what happened to Ukraine in 2022. The prospect of brighter days lies ahead, making the Father Light album title even more appropriate.

As 2022 drew to a close, the members of STONED JESUS posted their final message for the year, epitomizing their resilience and optimism:

All the missiles in the world can’t destroy freedom. Nothing will stop truth.

Lead-Vocals and Guitar: Igor Sydorenko
Bass and backing vocals: Sergii Sliusar
Drums and backing vocals: Dmytro Zinchenko

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