Affection released a new music video for “Highway of Denial” with album details


Finnish alternative metal and modern rock hybrid, Affection, offers a rough ride with their new video, and brings the details of the band’s upcoming debut album titled as “Remnants

Helsinki-based Affection seamlessly combines metal and modern rock, and has just released a new song called “Highway of Denial”. The fast-paced single can also be heard on the band’s first full-length album, “Remnants,” which will be released on January 21, 2022 by the newly founded Finnish record label, Omnicult Records.

“Highway of Denial is a piece that rhythmically intertwines addictive guitar riffs, a crude attitude, and catchy melodies. Although it is a song that inevitably lifts the vibe to the ceiling, the topics covered in the lyrics are by no means easy.
The song paints a rather inconsolable view of where this ultra efficient society and a culture, that strongly emphasizes individual interests, is leading us”, Affection’s singer Andy H.C. states.

The production of the music video for “Highway of Denial” is done by Esa Jussila. Esa’s talent is widely recognized, and he has worked in numerous Finnish and international productions.

The album will be released in January 2022, but making it took longer than expected. The band’s vocalist opens up the reasons behind this:

”We had had a good amount of really strong songs already for a long time. The band’s previous single “Thousand Mirrors” was released in 2017. What we wanted next was to make a strong album without cutting any corners. However, there were some major changes in the line-up of the band, as well as in the personal lives of many members along the way. After all these changes, the end result is a truly honest and versatile record that surely offers something to identify with for many listeners.”

Affection – Remnants
1. Man In The Shadow
2. Escape
3. Since Blood
4. Thousand Mirrors
5. Transformation
6. Ben Moore
7. Highway Of Denial
8. Inherit Silence
9. Animal Kingdom
10. Absorbia

The album can be pre-ordered from the Record Shop X’s website, or from Bandcamp with t-shirt bundles:

Record Shop X:

Affection is:
Andy H.C. – vocals
Olli Rinnevalli – guitar
Panu Nykänen – bass
Reda Kramdi – drums


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