Antropomorphia – Merciless Savagery

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Antropomorphia have been going through vast musical improvements since the year 2009 when they decided to re-group. The Dutch blackened death metal band was formed in 1989 and have released one EP, two demos and a compilation. I came into full knowledge and recognition of this band with their third album Rites of Perversion that was released in the year 2014.

And since then I began to follow this visceral death metal band with much appreciation and understanding of their sonic metamorphosis. Being longtime signed to Metal Blade Records, in 2017 Antropomorphia spun their fourth album Sermon Ov Wrath and the band continued to impress many fans and followers. The Tilburg death metal act made use of their early influences from black and thrash metal. Now a decade after their formation they represent their menacing tone of death metal as they merge elements from black metal into their sound. After establishing the savagery and the raw qualities of modern death metal, Merciless Savagery is another succession of the band’s musical development which epitomizes their current musical style.

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Built on extreme intensity of the previous album, the fifth album brings more diversity to the music. The band is far from being labeled as inchoate hence the solid degree of efficiency is fully applied on the opening track Merciless Savagery. The tremolos swirl and overflow with the pummeling barbarity, backed with heavy and groovy guitar riffs. The fifth album is based on dark thematic melodies and empowered by demonic growls which brings the depth to the tracks.

Requiem Diabolica bursts with sharp tremolo picking and double bass that provides the brutality to the song. Blast beats are executed and riffs that are contained with hooks, moving into further extreme levels of modern death metal. Luckily the band can still be distinguished from other acts such as Behemoth. Womb ov Thorns for example begins with the scathing tremolos when the blast beats adds the element of brutality. Antropomorphia have succeeded in mingling other elements into the music, Merciless Savagery doesn’t combine the compositions of the previous albums. In fact the blackened death metal sound suits the band’s musical direction. Each characteristic quality from the superfine melodies and black metal elements are skillfully performed.

The new songs are crafted with such power that brings the dark magic to the new songs. The complex approach of brutal riffs on Cathedral ov Tombs are overwhelming the album has a polished and modern sound. Every detail and nuances will have a certain effect on the listener, the good thing about Merciless Savagery is that the tracks have an average length of four to six minutes clocking at 41 minutes. Apocalyptic Scourge is a straightforward death metal track, the heavy brutal slab of blast beats there are good tempo changes and lot of variations. This is a solid treat from the Satanic Dutch quarter who have reshaped the formula and made some necessarily changes. Apart from the dynamic and the vicious tone of the album the demonic growls are the driving force of barbarity, the guitars are heavy and contaminated with infectious riffs.

The sudden change in sound appears on Wailing Chorus ov The Damned where the sinister tremolo pickings sound almost like black metal induced by sinister and slow passages. The addition of the female guest appearances on Luciferian Tempest is used as a gimmick and adds a mystic and dark touch of creativity to the song.

Antropomorphia brings so much quality to their new album which is skillfully crafted, the ear catching melodies on The Darkest Light shows how the band has made some effectual use of these melodies. The brutal magnetism of the final track Unsettling Voices incorporates a different kind of elements and tempo changes and this is one of the strongest aspects of the album. Merciless Savagery brings some good melodic values mixed with occult tendencies on the band’s latest album.

Release Date: April 5th, 2019
Label: Metal Blade Records
Track list:

  1. Merciless Savagery
  2. Requiem Diabolica
  3. Womb ov Thorns
  4. Cathedral ov Tombs
  5. Apocalyptic Scourge
  6. Wailing Chorus ov the Damned
  7. Luciferian Tempest
  8. The Darkest Light
  9. Unsettling Voices


  • Music7/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork7/10
  • Originality7/10
7.4After establishing the savagery and the raw qualities of modern death metal, 'Merciless Savagery' is another succession of Antropomorphia’s musical development
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