Chapel of Disease – Echoes of Light

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Following the unique extravagant third endeavor “... and As We Have Seen the Storm, We Have Embraced the Eye” which was released in 2018, the German progressive death rockers Chapel of Disease seems to have mended their sound recently with their newest album “Echoes of Light” out via Ván Records since February 9th, 2024. Though I was immediately hooked to the renovated style and the characteristic change from old-school death metal to a progressive-flavored 70s rock music, I surmised that the band was up to something very creative after hearing their first single.

The extensive effort on “Echoes of Light” somehow reminded me of a similar ilk of Morbus Chron and Tribulation, the fundamental niche of these German lads evolved to the point that they have embraced new sonic ideas. The opening track and the eponymous is where the fantastic guitar lines set ablaze in a more remarkable form and offer infectious progressive riffs, but more interestingly is the bass guitar which is woven to add texture throughout.

The atmospheric brilliance here are the elements of 70s rock embedded meticulously into the song structures. The twin guitars move in a linear direction, exhibiting fragments of death metal, psychedelic, and progressive rock as they maintain the approach from their fundamental sound.

On each track, Chapel of Disease shows its talent that encapsulates hooky rhythm guitars, explosive riffs, and soaring lead guitars with heavy riffing, the bizarre fusion of metallic drum beats, and elements of modern rock will make your head spin with the echoes of proggy guitar riffs on “A Death Though No Loss”. The band took a new twist and musically speaking they proudly wear their modern rock influences on their sleeves, furthermore the growls are used, but they sound less cavernous compared to the previous albums.

The effort this time is fashionable, sleek, and perhaps more appealing to fans of Morbus Chron or Sweven, but Chapel of Disease presents something similar as they aim to explore various aspects, therefore when you listen to the latest album the guitars have a classic vibe.

The lead guitars and the solos get to show off their musical prowess, the talent is undisputed. In contrast, the echoes of old-school death metal have their moments on the fourth album, the band continues to offer a unique presentation. The composition on the track “Shallow Nights” which combines soaring vocals is yet another tendency that caught me off guard.

The gritty invention is beautifully displayed with lush atmospheric guitars this shift is quite clear and showcases vast experimentation from the sleek guitar solos and the smooth transition to nuances of gothic rock. The synth emphasizes the appealing features of this song and at the forefront, the elegant qualities of the lead guitars generate mystical experiences, the luxuriant work of the guitar riffs and the funky bass lines are highly ornate in style.

The outstanding skill in achieving such performance indicates how the band has become so innovative. Apart from rock and roll tendencies, the instrumentation illuminates the use of melodies. However, the track “Selenophile” hones something creative with the ghastly gothic snarls we come across with heavy dark rhythm emphasized hugely on this catchy song that begins with the lead guitar entwined into the song structure these elements fit into the complex songwriting, the thrilling soundscapes shrouding the melodies. When the gothic elements are brought to the mix the vocals ooze a grim quality keeping a morbid atmosphere, most notably through the organic change.

Vital rocking beats and drums give the album kaleidoscopic shifts and variations, for example, “Gold / Dust” offers a brightly explosive rocking riff bolstered by organic drumming. The use of clean vocals on this track may have been the right choice as it creates lush atmospheres of colors and sound, the bursting riffs project-cosmic images and deliver memorable melodies, and the slow guitar chords are beautifully elaborate.

The fusion between the guitars and progressive elements is an achievement of the band’s creative prowess, the final track “An Ode to the Conqueror” veers into the modern rock flair. Chapel of Disease isn’t shy to push boundaries beyond death metal, however the song suddenly takes an emotional direction the use of arpeggios brings impressive tints of emotions and elegant moments into full scope with the interplay of the guitars and the drums you are unlikely to find any flaws within this album.


  • Music / Songwriting 8/10
  • Vocals / Lyrics 8/10
  • Mix / Production 10/10
  • Artwork & Packaging 9/10
  • Originality 9/10

Instrumentally “Echoes of Light” is quite remarkable from start to finish and musically achieved by the band who has released another fantastic album.

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