Album Reviews

The fourth dreadful opus “Seven Crowns and Seven Seals” from North Rhine-Westphalia blackened death outfit Sulphur Aeon conveys an otherworldly sense of might to the ancient creatures that lurk beneath the seas out now via Ván Records on October 13th.

Hail Cthulhu!!!
Hail Sulphur Aeon!!!!

Germany has been a home for many heavy metal and thrash metal bands in the past, and The Night Eternal is no exception. “Fatale” combines many elements from the NWOBHM era and occult heavy metal, this is a very catchy and infectious album, released via Ván Records.

Erzfeynd second full-length album “Muspilli” invokes pagan and medieval atmospheres, mastermind Nahdrut Herlarecks utilizes a vast composition and brings a grandeur saga to his sonic oeuvre and with the music woven into grand atmospheric qualities. Out on Ván Records.

Erzfeynd’s full-length album “Behaft Behert” takes you back to the ancient medieval times, this is a fresh take on atmospheric and raw black metal, if you are into bands like Troll, Manes and Abigor then this is for you. Out via Ván Records.

Sumerian Tombs’ full-length album offers a parallel style of melodic black metal. With a style and inspiration of their own they have redefined themselves as a vampiric black metal band.

With the latest EP Bavarian death metal act Nekrovault continues to sculpt its reputation as a promising newcomer into the genre of death metal.

“Tales of Othertime” brings the dark and medieval fusion of melodic/dungeon in a style of their own.

Fyrnask on their fourth studio album ‘VII Kenoma’ reaches a high virtue in the hierarchy of modern black metal.

Niht brings catchy rhythm and bass guitar merged beautifully. The recent work of the international duo seemed to be bound by precise musicianship.

The Ruins of Beverast unfolds an overwhelming journey to the realms of the unknown. In its time length of sixty-nine minutes, Meilenwald brings a unique and sophisticated experience.