Noisem – Cease to Exist

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The history of grindcore music goes back to the late 80’s when bands like Terrorizer, Napalm Death, Carcass, Pungent Stench and Repulsion were the first to instigate this musical style and made a name for this sub-genre. Originally grindcore was derived from the extreme models of other sub-genres like thrash metal, Crust punk and hardcore. This kind of experimental hybridization of several styles was approached by a new technique. Grindcore can be distinguished by the deafening noise of the grinding drums, and down-tuned guitars, fast tempos measured by short calculated track lengths and hyper blast beats. Lyrically grindcore bands centralized on topics such as politics which was mainly attributed by the Terrorizer, other subjects which had a sense of gore became associated with the British gore grind band Carcass.

In 1990’s death metal genre begun to materialize and new ideas were then inseminated into death metal and grindcore. The unforeseen emergence of bands like General Surgery, Impetigo, Necrony, Nuclear Death, and Bolt Thrower etc… became known as death-grind. These two movements of the mentioned sub-genres developed into more brutal attributes and produced tons of classical albums that later on became the idealistic and innovative platform for many bands to follow the steps of the originators.

In the contemporary age of metal music we have countless acts who lack the musicianship and fail to understand the essence of the musical style whether its death metal or black metal. The deficiency in earning the quality and other elements of music is often resulted into failure due to the uninspired zeal and motivation. The lack of expertise in handling the instrumentation and the limited qualifications are one of the major difficulties and negligence that many bands nowadays require. But the U.S. death/thrash/grindcore band Noisem who were previously known as Necropsy seems to understand how to employ this kind of technique. And with their 3rd release they combine the elements of thrash metal and death metal as they bind them both with a dose of grinding fury. Cease to Exist consists of ten tracks with an average length of 2:00 minutes.

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The unceasing blast on the first track Constricted Cognition is loaded with grindcore influences. Noisem have cleverly utilized the aggressiveness of thrash metal and the rawness of death metal. The transition from death metal to thrash metal has enhanced the tonality of the new tracks. Vocalist and bassist Ben Anft alters his vocals from high pitched to growls, and this has given the songs a varied tone. The method which has been applied by Noisem is extremely depicted on tracks like Deplorable and Penance for the Solipsist. This also shows how Noisem can balance between the rapid blasts beats and slower tempos. Putrid Decadence sticks to the traditional sound of grindcore forcing the tracks to sound impulsive by the sheer blasts beats of Harley Philips.

The resemblance to Exhumed are somehow observed by the high pitched vocals. Guitarist Sebastian Philips of Exhumed plays a big role in handling the guitars. Cease to Exist is a grimy album that presents the modern and classic style of grindcore. Filth and Stye is a bit nuance of Carcass style there are some excellent riffing which are centered upon swift tempos. Eyes Pried Open is one of their standout tracks on the album, and it shows how Noisem relies on fusing the dynamics of thrash metal with death metal.

Considering the fact that Eyes Pried Open is executed in Terrorizer and Repulsion style of riffing where the drums accelerates into faster tempo. This fidelity explains how Noisem are able to master the methods of the classic style of grindcore. In spite of the short length of the album Cease to Exist booms rapidly with the sonic crudity in fact there are no melodies to be found on the album. The take on tremolo pickings is disclosed on the 7th track Sensory Overload, the variable transitions from death, and thrash to grindcore and the acute song-writings have provided the tracks with an extra dose of extremity. Downer Hound and So Below are imparted with aggressive thrash metal riffs and they are topped with excellent drumming performance. Cease to Exist is Noisem’s best effort to date and it has all the grinding elements of old school metal, this is more of a mixed up styles which have been compacted into one massive package.

Release Date: March 15th, 2019
Label: 20 Buck Spin
Track list:
1.Constricted Cognition
3.Penance for the Solipsist
4.Putrid Decadence
5.Filth and Stye
6.Eyes Pried Open
7.Sensory Overload
8.Downer Hound
9.So Below
10.Ode to Absolution




  • Music8/10
  • Lyrics/Vocals8/10
  • Production8/10
  • Artwork8/10
  • Originality7/10
7.8"Cease to Exist" is a grimy album that presents the modern and classic style of grindcore. This fidelity explains how Noisem are able to master the methods of the classic style of grindcore.
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