Undergang – Aldrig i livet

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The Danish death metal scene has been quickly developing in the last decade, today names like Hyperdontia, Baest, Phrenelith, and many more have solidified their place in the ranks of metal. Ever since the band formed in 2008, Undergang has become one of the biggest groups in Copenhagen by conveying one of the filthiest and most distinguishable identities around. They took the simplest elements of death metal and molded their riffs into heavy dynamics and chugs. After years of perfecting their style, Undergang’s take on death metal has been established as rather unique. The line-up is comprised of A. Dødshjælp (drums), D. Torturdød (vocals, guitars), Mads Haarløv (lead guitars, backing vocals), and Martin Leth Andersen (bass guitar).

With their latest release, “Aldrig i livet”, they show yet again that Undergang is at the top of their game. The grimy and rotten caveman riffs on the album fit the gory themes of decomposition, death, and perversion. “Aldrig i livet” doesn’t only infuse slow doom elements and stomping grooves but the band also focuses on skull-crushing brutality. Undergang offers new dimensional and atmospheric textures to the songs, where they emphasize the eerie instrumentation. The recent amalgamation contains infectious riffs and ideas weaved from a visceral inspiration. Like the opening moments of the intro “Præfluidum”, where the ominous tone of the guitars creates such an atmospheric vibe. 

The following track “Spontan bakteriel selvantændelse” is driven by unrestrained filthiness and brutality where the guitars exude rotten riffs amid the spewing of alien-like growls and bludgeoning drums. Once again the band proves that their music is soaked in the obscure cavities of death metal. “Indtorret” features some slow-paced tempo mid-way through the track where the band injects hypnotic atmospherics. “Menneskeæder” is one of the standout tracks where Undergang emits fetid discharge of rotten riffs and heavy crushing grooves.

The vocals on the album are captivating and full of disgust. With double-edged riffs, Undergang’s dexterous skills and shrewdness superbly fuses goregrind and death metal, taking numerous influences from early Carcass to Rottrevore and Incantation. “Ufrivillig donation af Vitale organer” showcases quite some of these elements. “Sygelige nydelser (Del 3) Emetofili” is among those tracks where the chugs intermingle in twisted tempos. Filled with foul riffs and alien pitches, Undergang injects some effective tremolos on “Usømmelig omgang med lig”. The guitars on this track exert considerable qualities to mirror sonic twists while the pulverizing drums sound absolutely brutal. 

Rødt dødt kød” is the longest track on the album that contains palpable doom elements. The song begins with slower guitar parts and down-tuned bass guitar until grooves and blast beats unfold midway through the song. The opening riff of the album closure “Man binder ikke et dødt menneske” has that filthy and putrid death metal sound and as the focus shifts to tremolo pickings, there is also some excellent guitar layering.

Undergang has exceeded the standards of their songwriting on their latest album. “Aldrig i livet” is crushing and brutal and their best release to date! If the Swedish death metal bands boast the HM-2 force and the Finns brood obscure death/doom then the Danish death metal definitely has the more bizarre and obscure elements to it. 

Release Date: December 4th, 2020
Label: Dark Descent Records
Track list:

  1. Præfluidum
  2. Spontan bakteriel
  3. Indtørret lig
  4. Menneskeæder
  5. Ufrivillig donation
  6. Sygelige nydelser (Del III) Emetofili
  7. Usømmelig omgang med lig
  8. Aldrig i livet
  9. Rødt dødt kød
  10. Man binder ikke et dødt menneske


  • Music10/10
  • Vocals/Lyrics10/10
  • Mixing Production10/10
  • Artwork9/10
  • Originality10/10
9.8With “Aldrig i livet” Undergang is at the top of their game. The grimy and the rotten caveman riffs on the album fit the gory themes of decomposition, death, and perversion perfectly.
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