Anti-Flag drop new single, unveil new album details


Political punk icons Anti-Flag have just announced their brand-new album, ‘20/20 Vision‘, due out January 17th at Spinefarm Records. To mark the announcement the band have shared ‘20/20 Vision‘s explosive opening track ‘Hate Conquers All‘ and the song’s accompanying video. Check it out below.


For over two decades Anti-Flag have been at the forefront of socially conscious punk rock, tirelessly releasing music, touring, organizing, and introducing generations of fans to progressivism through fiery protest songs. With ‘20/20 Vision‘ the Pittsburgh-based band prove that they have plenty of vitriol left, aiming to face the challenges of our chaotic socio-political time head on. Opener ‘Hate Conquers All’ pulls no punches, immediately drawing a line in the sand against the fascistic hate mongering of the Trump administration and making it clear that ‘20/20 Vision‘ is an album intended to explicitly address the here and now. 

You can pre-order ‘20/20 Vision‘ right here on all formats.

’20/20 Vision’ track list:

1. Hate Conquers All
2. It Went Off Like A Bomb
3. 20/20 Vision
4. Christian Nationalist
5. Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down
6. Unbreakable
7. The Disease
8. A Nation Sleeps
9. You Make Me Sick
10. Un-American
11. Resistance Frequencies

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