Despised Icon’s Alex Erian discusses ‘Purgatory’ artwork

Girls and boys, I won’t lie. Despised Icon‘s upcoming record is definitely my most anticipated release of the year. My expectations are incredibly high. Logical, since they’ve aced all their previous releases, each one so much stronger than the last.

In less than a month, the Canadian deathcore pioneers will release their new full length, Purgatory‘ on November 15th via Nuclear Blast. Today, Alex Erian (vocals) discusses the process of choosing the artists to create the album artwork. Watch as he details working with Eliran Kantor to produce a piece that echoed the themes and concepts of Despised Icon‘s next record.

Alex Erian discusses ‘Purgatory’s artwork.

Despised Icon released the album’s first and eponymous single last month, and it was an extremely strong and brutal start. Let’s hope the rest of the album is just as worthy. Here it is in case you missed it somehow:

My goodness, the growls…

Make sure you don’t miss out on what’s bound to be a great record, and grab a copy right here.

Despised Icon – ‘Purgatory‘ – Track Listing:

1. Dernier Souffle
2. Purgatory
3. Light Speed
4. Slow Burning
5. Snake In The Grass
6. Vies D’Anges
7. Moving On
8. Unbreakable
9. Apex Predator
10. Legacy
11. Dead Weight


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