Belgian avant-garde band Fabulae Dramatis releases new video

Progressive/Avant-Garde Metal band, Fabulae Dramatis, released its second studio videoclip for “Smoke For The Clouds (Ahuirán’s Water)” from the second album “Solar Time’s Fables”

“Imagine a world where some creatures could master the elements of nature. Would you have the ability to produce rain? In this story a shaman did. Discover here how…

The Ahuirán’s Shaman prays in his dwelling to his Azteca ancestors. He asks them to intervene the gods to receive the gift to approach the spirits of nature. The Shaman looks up at a tree. Wondering if he might conquer its heights in order to smoke toward the clouds. After initiating a tobacco ceremony he climbs up the tree and reaches its crown, where he finds a dancing creature locked inside a strange watery fruit.

Transferring his connection with the forces of nature, the Shaman implores the spirits to evoke The Drizzle to irrigate the plantations. Instead, a storm appears, perturbing the peaceful habitat of the helpless aquatic creature. Struggling to defend itself against the aggressiveness of the water element, the aquatic creature realizes that freedom is a valuable gem. Escaping from its restless existence will lead it out of its own world and out of the prison of its own body.

At the end of the story we see that the shaman’s dwelling is actually the tree – representing a feminine silhouette of a woman in skirt.

Throughout civilizations, human societies always had different relationships with elements of nature. The album “Solar Time’s Fables” narrates these stories captured within a glimpse of time. “Smoke For The Clouds” addresses the natural element of water and leaves you with the question: “How should we shape our relationship with nature in this day and age?”

Watch the short-film-series and the full videoclip down below:

Fabulae Dramatis is an eclectic, diverse and open minded band fusing together avant-garde and progressive metal genres.

Music beyond boundaries, genres and cultures; heavy guitar riffs; harmonious jazz saxophone melodies; a mix of tango and metal; ethnic beats and percussion; various styles of voices such as opera, hard rock and grunts – that is what you can expect from this band.

Their music was described by Classic Rock Society magazine as having “deep thought and insular attention” paid to it with “the spirits of Zappa and Beefheart”.



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