Belgian metal band Catalyst working on new record 'The Age of Rocketeers'!


Belgium metal band Catalyst is currently wrapping up the recording of their first full length. Following the release of their EP ‘Catalyst‘ in 2022, we will be presented with new work in 2023. The record will be called ‘The Age of Rocketeers‘ and will feature 8 new songs. The recording and mixing of these songs took place at Project Zero Studio situated in Laakdal. After having worked before with producer Andre Six in Brussels for the EP, the band opted for the countryside this time where they mostly isolate themselves for 3 weeks to record the album together with Yarne Heylen (CARNATION, Project Zero, Y-productions).

“The new record will contain songs that are both darker and more melodic than what we have released in the past. Each individual band member has transcended themselves by putting on a formidable performance in the studio. The album title is a reference to the interconnection between power, data and capital … and the hobby that some of its holders enjoy. Catalyst will, as always, bash established values with socially critical as well as introspective hits.” (Jeroen Van Ranst, vocals)

The release of ‘The Age of Rocketeers‘ is scheduled for September 2023 followed by an extensive fall tour. However, those who don’t want to wait that long can sign up for an exclusive tryout of the band on March 18 in the deserted village of Doel. Tickets are limited! Available here:

After Philip Pedraza (ex-Sadistic Embrace, ex-Gitaron) and Aäron On (ex-Gitaron) decided to end the Heavy Metal project Gitaron, they decided to keep riffing together. They asked Aäron‘s brother Benjamin On (ex-Zonder Zorgen, ex-Kidney Punch) if he was up for playing bass in a new metal project.

After his addition the name CATALYST was chosen and they started riffin’ together. Those riffs became structures and structures became songs. They decided to go further into this project so they put on an online ad for a drummer. Jannes Lemaitre (ex-Titan, Patroness) applied and joined the band as percussionist.

They then contacted the current vocalist of Monomad, Jeroen Van Ranst, to ask if he was interested in a Progressive Melodic Death Metal Band thus forming the current lineup of CATALYST.

The band released their first 3 songs in 2018. In 2019 CATALYST released “Sustainable Dignity” and “Fear Well“, but also the drummer Jannes decided to leave the band. They were looking for a new drummer through online application because of COVID-19 where Sam Bogaert (ex-Dead end Path, ex-Oceans Burning) applied. On the 10th of December 2021 they released “Rights of Passage“.

Songs were written and plans were made for a full length album to be released over the course of 2023. The album is a semi conceptual collection of songs reflecting on a post pandemic society run by rocketeers.

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