Belgian metal phenomenon Fleddy Melculy releases new and personal video single ‘De Hel Niet Gezien’


Belgian metal phenomenon Fleddy Melculy tries with their new video single ‘De Hel Niet Gezien’ (Didn’t see hell) to find an answer on the most universal question ever: “What happens when we die?”

The result is most likely the most personal song and video of Fleddy Melculy to date. That the band had to say goodbye to quite some near and dear ones the past couple of years explains probably a lot. For the band this is a tribute and at the same time a way to write this out of their system.

Fleddy Melculy shows a different side of themselves with ‘De Hel Niet Gezien’. A raw, angry side. A side that had to say goodbye and asks questions about it. A side that clearly has something to process. Front man Jeroen Camerlynck:

“The song tells about someone who discovers that he’s dead and is still walking through the world as a ghost. There seems to be no heaven, no hell or another made up afterlife. And there you are then in the world, with no one who sees you or says something.”

“During the writing process of our new album I was confronted with several passings – all shortly after each other. In the summer of 2018, my brother Sybren and me had to say goodbye to our stepfather. In 2019 we also lost our grandmother. She just and just didn’t get to 100 years old. Around that same period my wife had to say goodbye to both of her grandmothers and also the father-in-law of my brother passed away. The biggest shock came in April last year, when we received the news that a good friend had taken his own life.

Someone who joined us regularly on the road and with who we had loads of fun every time. He was someone who everyone of the band and crew got along with really well. You really get caught unaware by news like that, and it’s also very difficult to give it a place. Still is by the way. And that has somehow creeped into the music.”

“I had written the text for ‘De hel niet gezien’ and was thinking at first that it wasn’t something for Fleddy Melculy. I put it aside, but gradually – while the record was getting form – the idea grew that the track actually could have a spot between the rest of them. In the end there wasn’t much hesitation to put it on the record, but rather if we’d put it forward and give it extra attention. I was only sure of that when the other band members gave me the feeling that they believed in the song themselves as well. The first time that we let the label hear ‘De hel niet gezien’, their reaction was very clear: ‘We need to do something with this.’ I look at it as a tribute to everyone we lost. I don’t think we can do it in a better way than this.”

“In the video you see literally what I’m saying, what makes it harder than it already is. In the scene where I realize that my wife and kids stay behind, you see my real wife and kids. Those are no actors! While making the scenario the plan was to let others play them. But when I told that at home, no one was happy with that. My family insisted that they should play it themselves. I tried to explain to them how confrontational that would get for me. But looking at it afterwards, I understand it kind of. They thought it would be weird that someone else would play them. We had to go through all those passings over a short span of time together.”

Fleddy Melculy‘s new album ‘Sabbath Fleddy Sabbath’ will be released on Friday March 13th.

Catch them live here:
25.03.20: Het Depot – Leuven
27.03.20: Effenaar – Eindhoven (NL)
28.03.20: Volt – Sittard (NL)
02.04.20: De Casino – Sint-Niklaas
03.04.20: Hedon – Zwolle (NL)
04.04.20: De Kreun – Kortrijk
09.04.20: Vooruit – Gent
10.04.20: Bibelot – Dordrecht (NL)
11.04.20: Trix – Antwerpen
17.04.20: Muziekodroom – Hasselt
23.04.20: Luxor Live – Arnhem (NL)
24.04.20: Mezz – Breda (NL)
25.04.20: Le Reflektor – Liège
01.05.20: Gebr. De Nobel – Leiden (NL)
02.05.20: Neushoorn – Leeuwarden (NL)
03.05.20: W2 – ‘s Hertogenbosch (NL)
08.05.20: Victorie – Alkmaar (NL)
15.05.20: Tivoli De Helling – Utrecht (NL)
16.05.20: De Pit – Terneuzen (NL)


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