BRUNHILDE released video for ‘Where are you going?’ with a special guest


Quo vadis – where are you going? This question has been bothering mankind for thousands of years – and more than ever, the same applies for BRUNHILDE, the rising stars of Rock from Germany. Accordingly, Where Are You Going? is the name of the new single, released digitally on the 27th of November 2020.

Caro, the band’s blonde front woman, explains:

“We all need a ‘partner in crime’, somebody by our side to go through thick and thin with, even if things get tough – especially in times like these, when far too many people are lonely. I wrote the song when I was really angry at a guy who turned tail and ran away when I needed him the most.”

Song and singer emanated this rage also in the recording session for Where Are You Going? in the band’s own Streetlife Studio in Fürth.

“More precisely during the recording. The recording was already finished after the first take, because it worked really, really well immediately. I put all my energy and emotion into the song and completely pushed my limits.”

The result was a piece that starts dark “and almost a little magical”, but then “immediately punches you right in the face”.

“It takes a lot of energy to sing a song like that, but I absolutely love those vocally deeper parts.”

Quo vadis, Brunhilde? The signs are clearly pointing upwards for these rising stars!

Where Are You Going is the fourth pre-release of BRUNHILDE’s new studio album, which is planned for the end of February 2021.

The official music video featuring a very special guest* can be watched and liked right here:

Brunhilde online:

*that very special guest is no one less than Bloodhound Gang’s very own Evil Jared Hasselhoff on bass!

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