Category: Thrash Metal

Methedras – The Ventriloquist

Thrash death killing machine Methedras delivers a new work of art. The band takes a new turn in songwriting but it does not leave disappointed.

PREMIERE: party thrashers Insanity Alert release another track from their upcoming album!

The party moshers are back with a brand new track from the depths of hell!

Flotsam and Jetsam + Firewind at Alcatraz 2019!

New daily band announcement for Alcatraz 2019! 2 more names have been added!

Thrash Metal band Flotsam and Jetsam, as well as Heavy/Power Metal band Firewind have just been announced to play at Alcatraz 2019!

Soulfly at Alcatraz 2019!

Another day = another band announcement for Alcatraz 2019!

Another day, another band announcement for Alcatraz 2019! Soulfly is coming back to Belgium, to play at Alcatraz!

Prong and Voivod at Alcatraz 2019!

Another double announcement for Alcatraz 2019!

Prong and Voivod have just been announced for Alcatraz 2019!

Sodom and Demolition Hammer at Alcatraz 2019!

Double announcement for Alcatraz 2019!

Not one, but 2 legendary Thrash Metal bands added to the lineup of Alcatraz 2019! Teutonic Thrash band Sodom, and Thrash from New York: Demolition Hammer!

German thrashers Dust Bolt released a new video for “Dead Inside” from their upcoming new release

German thrashers Dust Bolt are coming to get you in the beginning of next year!

Sacred Reich at Alcatraz 2019

5th band announcement for Alcatraz 2019!

Thrashers rejoice! Eighties Thrash Metal band "Sacred Reich" has been added to the lineup of Alcatraz 2019!

Anger As Art – Fast As Fuck

Anger As Art releases their first live album "Fast As Fuck", experience thrash at its finest!