Cyan Kicks announced their brand new album ‘I Never Said 4Ever’

“I used to be your fucking God, what a plot twist…”

CYAN KICKS have love on their mind in 2023.

The dynamic four-piece are best known for making unconventional, alluring modern pop-rock hits that are synergetic, introspective and forward-thinking. Starting 2022 off with bombastic empowerment anthem ‘Hurricane‘ – an official entrant for Finland’s 2022 Eurovision Song Contest co-written with Amaranthe’s Elize Ryd – is the perfect case in point. Death Cab for Cutie‘s Chris Walla was at the controls, and the mix overseen by Zakk Cervini (Bring Me The Horizon, Poppy, Architects, Beartooth).

Last week they officially announce their forthcoming brand new third album, titled ‘I Never Said 4Ever“, out May 5th via Ranka Kustannus. Pre-order HERE!

I NEVER SAID 4EVER” Tracklist:

1. i should stop acting cool
2. I Never Said 4ever
3. Hurricane
4. Addicted
5. Can’t Get You Out Of My Bed
6. lostboi
7. Back Ashore
8. See The Light
9. Invincible
10. Into You
11. Unbearable
12. Someone Like You
13. When You’re Gone

Continuing this year with a string of huge festival appearances, sold out shows and the release of follow-up singles “Someone Like You” and “See The Light“, we shouldn’t be surprised then that the dynamic group’s following outing includes even more bright electro-pop, another incredibly infectious hook and empowering lyrics as they return with “Into You“.

They also kicked off 2023 with truly breathtaking and groundbreaking music video for debut single of their new era, “Someone Like You“, directed by Jarkko Vuorela and DP Mojandre, tells the beautiful tale of two lovers caught between the true burning passion and mental anguish which is being in love – with an eerily otherworldly CYAN KICKS twist, and provides another glimpse into the cinematic universe which they have created.

Their unique arrangements are smart; fine-tuned for maximum effect, employing drops, raps and finely wrought instrumental passages; the sound CYAN KICKS creates always feels emotionally prescient, able to throw a rope bridge to their listeners. This is often due to the deft rhythms that propel the emotional content of the songs and the moments of release that singer Susanna Alexandra can summon up, just when things get heated, and both glimpses of their new era so far provide a strong statement that we can expect even more grandiose power pop-rock from CYAN KICKS in 2023.

Susanna – Vocals
Leevi – Bass
Niila – Guitars
Pietari – Drums

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