Dark Funeral shows us their new album cover


In just a few months, on the third of June to be exact, Dark Funeral releases their new album via Century Media called Where Shadows Forever Reign. It has been six years since their last release and a great many people are looking forward to see what the return of this band has to offer. With roots in the second half of the ’90s black metal scene, Dark Funeral amassed a great league of loyal fans who have enjoyed the band for over two decades.

Every piece of the new album is combined into total perfection. The music, lyrics, musicianship, artwork and production. The artwork was made by Necrolord and the album was recorded at Dugout Studios with producer Daniel Bergstrand and studio engineer George Nerantzis. And I couldn’t be more satisfied with each and everyones contribution.

Lord Ahriman, guitarist Dark Funeral

Yesterday, they released the album cover for the world to see. Many will recognize the typical Dark Funeral atmosphere within the artwork. That the album will be influenced by last years addition of their new frontman Heljarmadr, is most certain. With a lot of experience in the arts of creating dark satanic music, he is said to be playing a key role in shaping the future vocal and lyrical direction of Dark Funeral.

Don’t forget to check out their show on the 17th of June at Graspop!