Das Oktober Metalfest is returning in 2020!


After a successful 1st edition, in 2020 there will be a 2nd edition of Das Oktober Metalfest. On October 3rd! Take your planner and put DOM with big fat letters in it. And while you’re at it, maybe draw a line through the Sunday after, because after a certain amount of skull tankards, that day will be a dedicated couch day 😉

Onkel Tom is the first name for the 2020 bill. The band of Tom Angelripper, bassist of Sodom, plays metal versions of well-known Schlager and beer songs. Exactly what we’re looking for at Das Oktober Metalfest.

The ticket sales start this Monday October 21st at noon CET. The VIP service could use some improvements and to realize this, we’re forced to drive up the price of a VIP ticket somewhat. These VIP tickets will cost for the 2020 edition 119 euros per person. The regular tickets keep the same price of 39 euros (both including service costs).

They also have Early Birds for an offer of 29 euros (including service costs). Of those there are only 500 available. Don’t wait too long in other words.

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