Fearless Records welcomes Archetypes Collide, band shares video for new song “Undertow”


Arizona quintet Archetypes CollideKyle (vocals), Tyler (drums), Brandon (guitar), Jared (guitar), and Ky (bass) — have been grinding and building a name for themselves since 2014. They’ve released two EPs, a handful of singles and covers, and set out on tour to get their road legs under them as live performers. Archetypes Collide eventually captured the attention of Beartooth‘s Oshie Bichar, who began working with the band in the studio and helping to shape their sound. Very quickly thereafter, Archetypes Collide began to enjoy extensive support on SiriusXM‘s Octane channel, with airplay of several singles: “Your Misery,” “Becoming What I Hate,” and “Above It All.” Bichar was then approached by accomplished veteran manager Thomas Gutches (Beartooth), about forming a representation team, and in early 2022, Fearless Records signed the band to a worldwide record deal.

The band says:

“The song leans on the idea of of letting past failures and regrets paralyze us from moving out of our comfort zones. It also emphasizes the deceptive comfort of playing life safe and not pushing boundaries, which can ultimately lead to an unfulfilled life. In the video, during the chorus, you get an ‘above water/aerial’ view of the conflict, whereas the verses and breakdown offer an ‘in the rough waters’ view.”

About joining forces with Fearless, the band states,

“We’re beyond stoked to be able to take our music to the next level. The family over at Fearless is ‘all in’ on our vision and it’s a dream come true. We’ve spent countless hours and years building Archetypes Collide into what it is today and to have the opportunity to inject that sound with the passion and experience Fearless has is a game changer for us.”

To celebrate this exciting partnership, the band has shared the video for the new song “Undertow.” 

After hearing their song “Your Misery” I had no doubt these guys would be BIG. They’ve got a great sound and they make it clear that they’re all in! Archetypes Collide‘s debut album for Fearless will arrive this summer, and not a moment too soon! The band released the new single “Undertow” ahead of the release to offer a taste of what’s to come!

Follow Archetypes Collide on social media:
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/archetypescollide/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/archetypescollide
Twitter – https://twitter.com/AtypesCollide

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