New Balance Breach single / video “Overthrown” is out now

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Balance Breach from Finland is back with a frenetic blend of metalcore, post-hardcore, and modern rock along with smashing headbang sections and mesmerizing choruses!

The quintet continues their streak towards the second album with the second single “Overthrown”, representing a darker but simultaneously the most aggressive and fierce sound one could imagine. Like the highly praised debut album, the 2nd single of the upcoming second album will be released through Out Of Line Music. The band’s updated sound was carefully crafted in the hands of the band’s trusted producer Rami Nykänen and by the Grammy-nominated producer team of Carson Slovak and Grant McFarland of Atrium Audio, who took care of the mixing and mastering in Pennsylvania, USA.

“I’d say that with “Overthrown” we really managed to combine the best elements of Balance Breach’s music into one song. Even though pure aggression and energy are in the main role, the darkness and the beauty of the chorus set a deep and gloomy theme above the song. I’m sure that “Overthrown” will be a total banger in our live set too!”Aleksi Paasonen

You can stream it here:

Balance Breach:
Terho Korhonen – Guitar
Saku Heimonen – Guitar
Joni Härkönen – Bass
Antti Halonen – Drums
Aleksi Paasonen – Vocals


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