Finnish melodeath outfit As The Sun Falls announces more details on their Theogonia Records debut!

Brace yourselves for an attack of chilling, melancholic, melodic death metal as AS THE SUN FALLS prepares to release their highly anticipated album “Kaamos” via Theogonia Records on May 3rd, 2024!

Crafted amidst the ethereal beauty of their Finnish homeland, “Kaamos” (a word in the Finnish language for “Polar night”) promises to transport listeners into a realm of icy darkness and haunting melodies. With a discography already dripping with the essence of death, despair, and the chilling wilderness, AS THE SUN FALLS‘ second full-length offering is poised to deepen the abyss of Finnish melancholy.

Inspired by the mystical period between December and January known as Kaamos, when the sun remains hidden below the horizon, yet the landscape is bathed in surreal blueish and violet arctic lights from 10:00 in the morning till 15:00 in the afternoon, AS THE SUN FALLS‘ latest album captures the essence of this unique phenomenon.

Featuring eleven tracks of relentless sonic brutality, “Kaamos” explores themes of sorrow, grief, and the deepest corners of the soul. From the haunting opener “Indrøø” to the atmospheric title track “Kaamos“, each composition is a mesmerizing journey through the frozen landscapes of Finland and the depths of the soul.

The album boasts guest appearances from renowned artists, adding layers of haunting beauty to AS THE SUN FALLS‘ captivating sound. Gogo Melone lends her ethereal clean vocals to “Through Sorrow and Grief”, while Kari Olli adds his haunting voice to “Into the Shadows”. Additionally, all keyboards on “Kaamos” were recorded by George Tzahristas, further enriching the atmospheric tapestry of the album.

With artwork and layout by the talented Gogo Melone and mixed and mastered by Guillaume Schappacher at Gravity Sound Prod. Studios, “Kaamos” is poised to captivate and enthrall listeners worldwide.

Get ready to be engulfed by the sonic tempest of “Kaamos”. AS THE SUN FALLS, in alliance with Theogonia Records, invites you to embrace the darkness and immerse yourself in the deep-rooted melancholy of the North.

Tracklist for “Kaamos”:
01. Indrøø
02. Among the Stars
03. Black Lakes
04. In Forlorn Times
05. The Wanderer
06. Aurora
07. Through Sorrow and Grief (feat. Gogo Melone)
08. Into the Shadows (feat. Kari Olli)
09. Silver Shining
10. The Great Cold
11. Kaamos

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