French modern groove metallers RAGE BEHIND sign with Atomic Fire Records!


Rage Behind is a new devastating modern groove metal / nu-metal thrash monster that has already paid its dues while on the road with Heaven Shall Burn, Protest The Hero, Between The Buried And Me, and Rise Of The Northstar. Now the band perfected their craft to the point of delivering the crushing debut single “Eminence or Disgrace”. In this decadent world, where humankind quickly loses its moral compass, the band brings the listener to achieve eminence. 

Edward Vale, the drummer of Rage Behind, explains:

“It’s a message for those that believe you can’t escape a life you don’t like anymore. Yeah, the road to change is hard but have we another choice left? Listen to your rage, and make it an ally to reach your goal.”

Detailing the lyrics behind the debut track, vocalist Vitali Lukas explains:

“I feel the need to express all that anger we have that brings us down. Writing about it and choosing my words makes me turn it into strength and energy.” 

“It’s an introspection to reach a better self and be proud of what you do. The songs speak about our vengeance on life, facing its darkness…” 

The singer also adds of the release being the debut for Rage Behind’s fresh partnership with Atomic Fire Records:

“We’re delighted to sign with Atomic Fire Records. It’s our first signature with Rage Behind to develop our path. It’s only the beginning, and we already see that we work with good people, professionals, and enthusiasts.”

Drummer Edward Vale says:

“It’s a big step. It’s very motivating for our future. We’re in the team now, and the more people support you, the more you give. Get ready, everyone!”

Jerry Ho, guitarist, adds:

“Thanks to the team for giving us such a great chance to be part of the Atomic Fire Family!” 

Stream it:

Rage Behind is an alliance of experienced musicians that combines forces to defend the legacy of modern groove and thrash metal titans and spread a call to fight in a world of ever-growing disgrace. The band aggregates the precision of Slayer and the groove of acts like Lamb of God. Their heart is fueled by passion, rage, and ambition. Rage Behind might be held behind the mask, but they will deliver the message kicking off 2022 – welcome to Atomic Fire Records

Vitali Lukas – Vocals
Jerry Ho – Lead guitar
Max Liva – Rhythm Guitar
Stan Morgan – Bass
Edward Vale – Drums


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