Temple Balls/St. Aurora (On The Rocks, Helsinki) - 2/10/2021

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In April of this year, the popular Finnish heavy metal/hard rock outfit Temple Balls released their latest album ‘Pyromide’ on Frontiers Music. Sadly, they’ve barely had the opportunity to play their new music live, but tonight they’re finally back at the old familiar grounds of On The Rocks to solve that issue… And as support they brought the brand new rising stars of the alternative rock outfit St. Aurora for their debut show! That resulted in a sold out show and an absolutely electric night!

St. Aurora (****)

If you didn’t know, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that this show was the very first live performance of the guys of St. Aurora. They absolutely kicked ass, playing with energy through the roof and had surprisingly many people showing up for the support band, especially for their 1st time taking over a stage. If it’s any indication on what direction they’re going, it seems to me like up is the only way. Their catchy mix of (pop) punk, alternative rock and a sprinkle of hard rock/metal easily reminds me of the music I grew up with and I ain’t complaining about that! Tracks like ‘Rejects of Society’ or ‘Agree to Disagree’ from their debut EP ‘They All Remember’ were already sang along to by the gathered fans, even a moshpit came into fruition at some point! And the new tracks they played sounded damn promising for what is yet to come still. A band to keep your eyes and ears on for sure!

St Aurora-20

Temple Balls (****)

While with St. Aurora the level of energy and rock ‘n’ roll was already brought to a boiling point, Temple Balls clearly were ready to make things explode at On The Rocks! The room filled up even more, to an almost uncomfortable “sardines in a tin can” level, and once the guys ran on stage, the gathered crowd almost roared in delight of seeing their beloved band on a stage again. Vocalist Arde was so enthusiastic, that when he ran on stage, he almost stumbled off the stage into the crowd! Everyone present was damn hungry for this and all the pent up energy came out in a tidal wave. This was basically one of the first times Temple Balls were able to play the new music of their latest full-length ‘Pyromide‘ live and the tracks were absolutely banging and perfectly at home in between their older “classics”. Fists and horns in the air, shouts of joy never fully gone, dancing and moving bodies throughout the venue, alcohol was flowing and hair whipping around. Oh, how much we all have missed this!

Temple Balls-12

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