Helga signs to Season of Mist!

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Season of Mist is proud to welcome HELGA!

Hailing from both the Swedish hinterlands of Dalarna and the old Viking county of North Yorkshire, HELGA draw on many different influences: Swedish folk, progressive metal, post-rock, pop, black metal. 

United by vocalist Helga Gabriel, the band spin their unique genre alchemy into dark manifestations. Their debut album, ‘Wrapped in Mist‘, summons formidable drumming, spectral strings and chugging riffs into lamentations on mortality and mental health.     

“A few years ago, I sent a demo to Season of Mist but to no avail”, says Helga. “Years later, I received an e-mail from Michael Berberian expressing that the label wished to work with me – I felt elated! My band and I are beyond thrilled to plunge into this new adventure with Season of Mist”.

Another announcement about ‘Wrapped in Mist‘ is coming soon!

Hailing from the Swedish hinterlands of Dalarna and Halifax, West Yorkshire, HELGA amalgamated in 2019 in
York, North Yorkshire. United by singer, Helga Gabriel, the quintet delve into a musical alchemy on their pursuit of
darker manifestations.

“We draw on many different influences from Swedish folk to progressive metal to post-rock to black metal to pop. Distilling this into a single style is a challenge.” -Cai S.

Summoning this plethora of layers and genre, HELGA culminate their premier album Wrapped in Mist into dirgeful lamentations of mortality and mental health, punctuated by formidable drumming, spectral strings and chugging riffs.

The album’s opening track, Skogen mumlar (The Forest Murmurs), transcends forthwith into emotive dreamscapes that leave hairs trembling, Ennio Morricone echoing as the intro’s muse.

But as the journey through Wrapped in Mist transpires, songs such as Farväl (Farewell) reveal HELGA‘s black metal and darker sensibilities. Bewitching through this myriad range, the album’s waltzing coda flirts with a melodic baroque that crescendos with Opeth-esque climax.

The inception of Wrapped in Mist promises to plunge HELGA deep into the spotlight of mesmerising live performances following release. From the hills and forests of rural dwelling, this is a band destined for a journey worth following.

Helga Gabriel – Vocals
Cai Sumption – Guitar
Cameron Gledhill – Guitar
Ryan Fairclough – Bass
Sami Javed – Drums

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