Horror masters Zebadiah Crowe release new track ‘Godblind and Destitute’

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A few days ago, the Britons of Zebadiah Crowe released a music video for their new single ‘Godblind and Destitute‘ taken off their upcoming record ‘Host Rider‘, due for release on June 15th at Lore Breaker Records. This album marks an exciting return of the horror-themed industrial black metal duo and their first release since 2013’s ‘Omak k’aah‘. Check out the music video below.

The single is one of the most vicious and spiteful tracks ever summoned into life by Forrrthen and The Horrid, the malicious beasts that lurk in the heart of the Zebadiah Crowe tornado – and the accompanying video is a violent assault of confusion, chaos, ritual and death worship.

This song is the follow-up of the first single released a few weeks ago entitled ‘The Neon Goat of Crimson Grief’, which you can check out below in case you missed it.

Host Rider‘ consists of seven songs which retain the very faintest of grasps on sanity. Mainlining aggression and tripping on the screams of the eternally lost, these hymns to the old gods, the broken and demented once deities, are absolutely single-minded in their vicious attack. A cold mechanistic core powers the maelstrom of chaos that surrounds it, a whirlwind of knives that pares soul from flesh and flesh from bone. The level of savagery displayed throughout ‘Host Rider‘ should come as no surprise though; lest we forget, Zebadiah Crowe have strode the highways with VaderGraveGorgorothAnaal Nathrakh and Marduk…they have earned their scars and taken them from the best. Now, with bestial battle cries like ‘A Tincture Of Malice’ and ‘Mantel Of Nails And Orphan Skin’ they have an album that stands proud next to their infernal teachers. ‘Host Rider‘ will walk the fields of conflict, crunching bones beneath its feet.

Track list:

  1. Knucklebones
  2. A Tincture Of Malice
  3. Mantel of Nails And Orphan Skin
  4. The Neon Goat Of Crimson Grief
  5. A Horror To The Eyes Of Saintly Men
  6. Godblind And Destitute
  7. Wormhavens Dance
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