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Brand new black metal outfit Modern Rites announced their debut album ‘Monuments’ (out in august via Debemur Morti) and share a first track with ‘Self Synthesis’!

Check out Zebadiah Crowe’s unsettling new music video ‘Godblind and Destitute’.

Horror metal monsters Carach Angren have a new lyric video. Check it out!

15 years after their last album, Trollheims Grott is back with a brand new release to wreak havoc!

Album Reviews

And now, for something a little freakier, here’s RVBBER VVITCH’s ‘Mastvrbations Malveillantes MMXVII’.

Omega Infinity’s whole craft is based on bridging the gap between industrial elements and black metal.

Photo Reports

3 prominent names in the Finnish black metal scene gathered forces and announced the Death of Man!

Gig Reports

Three important bands of the Finish black metal scene gathered to declare the Death of Man, read the report here!

Festival Reports

Two days of the best underground artists the metal scene has to offer at the Finnish city that brought forth a ton of black metal bands, sit back and let the darkness come over you!

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Ale with a cosmic surprise…

Thrice the cosmic attitude…