Interview Auri – “Music is something magical, it’s hard to explain what it does to us”

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Tuomas Holopainen is a name that stands equal to masterfully written music often on a rather epic scale with the worldwide phenomenon Nightwish. A couple of years ago, he banded together with Troy Donockley (also from Nightwish) and Johanna Kurkela, forming a brand new little project baptized Auri. Initially inspired by fantasy author Patrick Rothfuss, it quickly expanded to strong emotions, a connection with the ever-present nature of Finland and being in touch with the energies floating around us. Now, during the rather exceptional times of a pandemic, we’re getting another serving of the soothing music by the hands of some stellar musicians and artists. Gratefully so, both Tuomas and Johanna were able to spare some time for us to meet up and have a chat about the upcoming album.

We had an absolutely lovely conversation with Tuomas and Johanna about Auri‘s second full-length release ‘Auri II: Those We Don’t Speak Of‘ and how they basically “go with the flow” and the freedom they feel when they write new music. If we had to summarize what our talk was about in a couple of words: the magic of music. We mused about how music is a living and breathing thing, how otherworldly and inexplicably the effect is that music can have on us, besides talking about the silliness of music competitions and trying to classify (and constrain) music and how Auri live could possibly be like. An intriguing talk with 2 of the warmest and nicest people around in the music scene… Enjoy!

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