Into The Grave festival is adding some thrash to the menu!


Dutch festival Into The Grave has already announced an impressive list of names for the 2020 edition with names like Devin Townsend, Clutch, Paradise Lost, Gloryhammer, Kvelertak and so on. Now they’re back with a great trio of thrash metal bands to add to that!

The festival announces:

We absolutely love old school thrash metal, so why not mix it up with a bit of the best thrash and crossover available. We are proud to add not one, not two but three old school acts to our line-up. Destruction, Exhorder and M.O.D. will be joining us in August at Into The Grave 2020! And to top it off, Billy Milano will not only perform M.O.D. classics but also present legendary S.O.D. sing-a-longs!

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