JADE released new video for “Forget Everything”


Italian rock-metal singer/songwriter JADE has revealed a video for  the new single Forget Everything”, available NOW in all digital platform. The track was recorded at Le Dune Recording Studio and produced by Luca Lee Josh.

An intimate song for the artist, as she says:

“This song was born after a very special event for me. My dad and I had a conversation. We always struggled a lot with our relationship. My dad comes to me one day after revealing he had a tumour in his brain and he desperately wanted talk to me and apologise for his dad’s behaviour up until that moment. He asked forgiveness. That moment was the best and the most difficult in my life, it opened my heart and we eventually fixed our relationship becoming stronger and a new couple of father-daughter that I always have wanted. My dad is now fine and he is healthy. ‘Forget Everything’ talks about the walls that people build through relationships by not talking, not fixing the problems, preferring to remain in silence fearing to open up their hearts. Forget about what happens in the past trying to move on, as the past is the past and we cannot get in return the time we’ve lost. It talks about how breaking those walls can be the hardest but the best decision ever and how the time is big part of it as the more we wait to solve and face the reality, the more we separate and we are distant from these people and then it can be too late. Trying to be more brave and go beyond these “walls” that become bigger and higher that everyday goes by. I want people to relate and I want to give a message that it is never too late to fix something, I found my dad again at 33 years old and it is like everything started from the beginning”.

Jade is a rock-metal singer/songwriter. A long list of live performances define Jade’s career until now like; travelling the world onboard ROYAL CARIBBEAN’s vessels as first female Italian singer; leading as singer/soprano in the Italian tour of Queen At The Opera or touring in Holland alongside ANASTACIA as her understudy in We Will Rock You Musical tour (The Queen’s musical), ended in 2020 just right before Covid hit. Jade started singing metal when she was only 14. Her biggest influences at the times were Evanescence who have been added at the long list that now show Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Metallica and Bring me the Horizon. During Covid she had lots of time to write and focus on what’s really makes her feel comfortable, her love for metal music never stopped in fact this musical journey she wants to take us on, is her journey through life that everyone can have access to and relate.

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