KVAEN shared brand new single (feat. Jeff Loomis of ARCH ENEMY)

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Following the critically acclaimed 2020- debut album, The Funeral Pyre, Sweden based solo-project KVAEN is gearing up for the release of its sophomore album, entitled The Great Below, which will be coming out on March 25 via Black Lion Records.

Founded and led by Jacob Björnfot, this time accompanied by drummer Tommi Tuhkala while Fredrik Andersson (ex Amon Amarth) serves as the live drummer for the band, KVAEN has taken everything to the max and created a successor even more grand than its debut. Featuring eight brand new songs packed with the band’s unique blend of Black Thrash, Pagan and Speed Metal, The Great Below picks up where its predecessor left off, with going even further in every aspect.

In support of the new album, KVAEN just shared a brand new video clip for the record’s title track, with a special guest appearance by none other than Jeff Loomis of mighty Arch Enemy.

Jacob Björnfot comments:

“The Great Below is a violent mix of teutonic thrash, melodic black metal and chaotic speed metal and was one of the first songs I wrote for the album. I had the chorus written in my head, the melody was so catchy and when I sang the guitar line it all made perfect sense. The solo performed by Jeff Loomis gave the song a new life! Thank you, Jeff!

01. Cauldron Of Plagues
02. The Great Below
03. In Silence
04. Damnations Jaw
05. Sulphur Fire
06. Ensamvarg
07. Your Mighty Has Fallen
08. The Fire Within Him Burns

Building on The Funeral Pyre but taking everything to new levels, the upcoming album doesn’t stop surpassing there: KVAEN‘s forthcoming full-length features some high class, special guests on both solos and vocal duets such as Mike Wead, Jeff Loomis, Sebastian Ramstedt, Angus Norder, Nephente Fridell as well as a guest appearance by Finnish folk metal vocalist Vreth of Finntroll for the album closing track The Fire Within Him Burns.

The Great Below was mixed and mastered by Owe Inborr and is available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION


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