Metal at Herbakkersfestival 2016

The organizers from Herbakkersfestival in Eeklo announced that the 2016-edition of their festival will have a metal night again. This time on Friday the 12th of august. The festival continues with two more days on the 13th and 14th. Lucky for us, they programmed metal on the Friday night, since Alcatraz Festival takes place on the same Saturday and Sunday.

The names that were announced surprised us, especially for a festival that is free! The line-up consists of Powerstroke, Ostrogoth and our Extreme Greek Gods of Rotting Christ.

Pastoor De Nevestraat 12, Eeklo

Metalnight: 12/08/2016
Rest of the festival: 13-14/08/2016

Free entrance!

For more information and updates check out the Herbakkersfestival facebookpagina and website .