Metal heroes of Majesty unveiled second digital single & music video ‘Freedom Child’!

It’s been quiet around the metal heroes of MAJESTY for more than 3 years. After the band only wanted to take a one-year break after their Legends Tour at the end of 2019 to recharge their batteries, they, like the rest of the world, were pushed into a much longer hiatus by the pandemic.

But the guys used this time extensively and worked on an album that perfectly combines all the things that the band stands for: Catchy, big heavy metal anthems that catch you the first time you hear them and let you put your fist in the air paired with lyrics about the eternal fight for freedom and your way to live. “Back To Attack” will be released on April 28th via Reaper Entertainment.

It is time for the second digital single already entitled  “Freedom Child”. The song is now available on every major streaming platform:

The band states:

“With „Freedom Child” we present you the second song of our forthcoming new album “Back To Attack”. The song is a little different than the other tracks on the album with a very catchy and positive chorus which states that you should always believe in your dreams and visions. Let no one in the world tell you that you can´t reach the sky. If someone says that you can´t do something you want to do, show them the finger and shout out loud: “I´m a freedom child!””

“Back To Attack” is available as limited deluxe boxset, colored vinyl, picture vinyl, CD digipac and digital. Pre-Order now:

The artwork of the album fits perfectly with the message of the music and the lyrics of MAJESTY: “Never let yourself be defeated and fight for your way to live. A way which means freedom”

The tracklist of “Back To Attack”

1             The Oath Of Truth
2             Back To Attack
3             Demon War
4             Glorious Warriors
5             Never Kneel
6             Freedom Child
7             Age  Of Glory
8             Saviors In The Dark
9             A Hero´s Storm
10          In The Silence
11          Our Time Has Come
12          Heralds Of The Storm

In order to celebrate the band’s return properly, there will be a big release show on April 28th, 2023 in the Posthalle in Wuerzburg (GER), where MAJESTY will play not only new songs from “Back To Attack” but also a huge “Best Of” of their songs .

Get your ticket for the show here:…/40941358-majesty-at-posthalle

MAJESTY is back. The years of waiting are over and it’s time for True Fucking Heavy Metal again!!!

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